With Offices on Four Continents, US Capital Global Champions Diversity and Inclusion as a Cornerstone of Successful Business

In expanding its presence worldwide, global private financial group believes greater diversity leads to greater innovation and unique solutions in an increasingly interconnected world.

Following its rapid expansion over the past 24 months, US Capital Global now operates from 13 offices in 10 countries. The group’s global presence allows it to provide the best customized financial and investment solutions for its clients, often by breaking through international barriers that have traditionally hampered the industry.

The upshot of this expansion across four continents is, of course, increased diversity in its investment officers, support staff, clients, and partners. As a global group serving global clients, US Capital Global prides itself on its diversity. Each of its office locations is driven by a strong team sharing different ethnicities, nationalities, genders, religions, education, and political outlooks, and yet united by a deep-rooted company culture of respect and inclusion.

Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Global, said: “Since founding US Capital Global as a private financial group over 20 years ago, I have taken great pleasure working with and supporting many brilliant individuals across a full spectrum of backgrounds. At US Capital Global we delight in leveraging our unique personalities, passions, and expertise to have a more meaningful impact on the complex global economy, the world around us, and the communities and businesses we serve.”

Charles Towle, Managing Partner at US Capital Global, said: “At US Capital Global, diversity and inclusion are integral to what we believe builds good businesses and flourishing communities. Cultivating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment where all experience has value, all perspectives are heard, and all skills are honored equips us with a greater range of tools with which to assist our clients in their growth.”

Established in 1998, US Capital Global leverages the latest FinTech and RegTech innovation to provide sophisticated debt, equity, and investment products to lower middle market companies and investors. The US Capital Global group manages direct investment funds and provides wealth management and capital formation services through its affiliates, including US Capital Global Investment Management LLC, US Capital Global Wealth Management LLC, and its FINRA member, SEC-registered broker-dealer, US Capital Global Securities LLC. The group collaborates closely with its peers in professional banking and investment advisory. www.uscapglobal.com.

To learn more about US Capital Global, email Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at jsweeney@uscapglobal.com or call +1 415–889–1010.



CEO of US Capital, a full-service private financial group, and a supporter of tech innovations that can help to improve and grow the finance sector.

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Jeffrey Sweeney

CEO of US Capital, a full-service private financial group, and a supporter of tech innovations that can help to improve and grow the finance sector.